CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Summer vacation is quickly winding down, with teachers set to report in less than three weeks.

A corporate giant provided $100 gift cards to help make sure a number of local kids are physically ready, so they can concentrate of making good grades.

"You see a lot of smiles on a lot of kids' faces," says Brian Johnson, Regional Marketing Manager for Academy Sports and Outdoors.

The kids are getting some important back to school shopping completed but they're not smiling, thinking about being back in class.  They're likely happy because this is a special trip.

As a part of a corporate mission to give back, Academy Sports and Outdoors is really taking care of these students in cooperation with big brothers-big sisters.

"We invited them in to give 30 kids $100 each to shop for all their back to school needs. Backpacks, uniform tops, uniform bottoms, lunch boxes, pair of shoes," says Johnson.

As the "littles" walked the aisles with their respective "bigs," they weren't only looking for the latest fashions; they were learning valuable lessons in economics and wealth management. 

"It was funny, the first shoes she was like I want those. I said great those are $94.99 that's all you're going to get. Then she said no. So then throughout the whole time we put stuff back, got stuff. I think she learned to spend her money wisely, I want more for my money," says Ashley Williams, Big Sister.

As the weeks of summer vacation slip by, and days until class time tick down these guys and gals may have a new reason to be ready for school.  They'll be especially well-equipped.

"My little got four shirts, two pants, pair of shoes, and a backpack. She's all excited and all set to go back to school," says Williams.

There were 30 students from the Chattanooga Big Brothers-Big Sisters club and each received a $100 gift card.  All enjoyed a pizza party as well.