The suspect in a Monday night shoot-out with Hamilton County deputies now faces charges.

Just after 6 p.m. emergency crews were dispatched to a car fire off Highway 58.  When firefighters and deputies arrived they say Michael Allen Swinney started shooting at them.

They took cover and fired back.  During the shoot-out, Swinney was hit and later transported to Erlanger.

"He didn't have the gun in the air," says Neighbor, Kevin Wise.  "He had it leveled off towards the police officers."

Wise says he's friends with the man who opened fire on Hamilton County Sheriff's deputies Monday.  He lives next door to 62-year-old Michael Allen Swinney.

"From my house I saw the cars, and smoke.  Then I walked down and around the barn," Wise says.  The neighbor says he tried to get Swinney to stop before he fired.   

"I yelled to Michael to put his gun down," he says.  "He opened the door and fired.  The police fired back."

It was a quick shoot-out between Swinney and deputies.  The suspect was shot in the face and arm.  After, the scene on Barn Road turned chaotic.  The SWAT team responded and the entire neighborhood was evacuated.

"We were all detained and taken from our homes," Wise says.  "We had to wait outside in the heat for several hours."

Kevin Wise and his neighbors were also forced to evacuate their homes in April.  The SWAT team was involved in another standoff with Swinney at the time.  The 62-year-old eventually surrendered peacefully.  

"I can say the dispatch call came in as a vehicle fire," says Hamilton County Sheriff, Jim Hammond. 

Monday firefighters and deputies arrived at Swinney's home thinking they were responding to a car fire.  Tuesday afternoon investigators continued taking pictures and gathering evidence around the burned vehicle.  Authorities aren't saying who the car belongs to or how the fire started.  Kevin Wise says it belongs to Swinney's girlfriend.

"I think he was having another fight with his girlfriend," Wise says. 

Wise says he's sorry about what happened to his friend, but knows the deputies had no choice.

"The police certainly did their job and responded the way you would have expected them too," he says. 

Authorities confiscated several guns from Swinney in April.  He is charged with six counts of attempted first degree murder, that's one each for three firefighters and three deputies.  None were injured in the shooting.  Swinney's condition is critical. 

The sheriff's department tells us the deputies are on paid leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.  That's standard procedure any time a law enforcement officer is involved in a shooting.