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UPDATE 5: Shots fired at Hamilton County Deputies

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HARRISON, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) - Pulse rates in one Harrison neighborhood are getting back to normal after a very dangerous situation around 6:15 p.m. Monday.

A man opened fire on Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputies, prompting the evacuation of a neighborhood and a massive show of force.

The situation ended with the shooter leaving in an ambulance.

"We heard probably 15 or 20 shots," says neighbor Kali Torres.

What Torres thought was her neighbors target shooting, was actually one of her neighbors taking shots at officers.

Three deputies were responding to reports of a car fire.  They arrived at the Jewell Road address just after Highway 58 firefighters. As they walked around the fire engine, a man opened fire from his home.

That lead to a massive response, the SWAT team suited up. 

Torres was painting when there was an urgent knock at her door.

"An officer let us know the gunshots we heard, that a man was shooting at officers and we need to evacuate as quickly as possible," says Torres.

"I started yelling for my dad to get dressed and get out the house, you know?  And then I made sure those two left and then leave my dog in the house," says Torres' husband, Francisco Torres.

Torres said he knew the officer was serious by the way he held his large gun.

'When somebody's holding it straight down with their hand on the trigger, you know somebody messed up," says Torres.

"Shortly thereafter, they did locate a suspect lying in the door," says Hamilton County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Allen Branum.

The suspect was taken to the hospital.  Officers maintained the perimeter while they inventoried the scene.

Residents, kept away from their homes in the heat for almost two hours, tell us they believe this man's had trouble before and this is not the place for anyone who'd shoot at police.

"Instead of letting him go and then gets another gun and then, come on, we've got kids in this neighborhood," says Torres. "All you see is nothing but kids playing around.  Play football, play soccer.  But this happens, makes you want to move."

As for the officers, the chief deputy says the response appears to be by the book.

"The officers were fired on.  They returned fire, which is exactly what they're trained to do and there's no indication at this point that it's anything other than that.  We just thank God that our officers are going home safe," says Branum.

Charges are pending against the shooter.

The officers involved are on paid administrative leave pending results of an investigation into the entire incident, a standard procedure. They were not injured.

A couple of the evacuees were treated at the scene for minor injuries they suffered during their quick getaway.

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