CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- A Chattanooga cancer patient had the chance of a lifetime Wednesday night.

Fourteen year old Tristin Greer threw the first pitch at the Cleveland Indians game against the New York Yankees.

The teen travels to New York City for cancer treatment, and is a huge fan. He met the New York doctor who organized all of this at a Yankee game.

"The doctor said "do you want me to get you a ball? Doc, they tend to throw them at me, would you like me to get you one?," recalls Tristin.

"He's an inspiration, he's amazing, just his attitude towards everything," said Tristin's father, Jason Greer.

Jason feared the worst last March when his oldest son Tristin was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma, an aggressive cancer that attacks the nervous system. Doctors removed a tumor the size of a water bottle wrapped around his aorta.

Tristin thought nothing of it.

"It didn't affect me at all, the only thing it affected was school and not seeing my friends, but they came over a lot, so it's all good," said Tristin.

It's that care free attitude that keeps his family from breaking down.

"Just looking at him, and seeing what all he's been through, he just keeps going and is incredibly positive, that's what you have to do to beat this," says Jason.

Tristin and Jason travel to New York City every other week for treatments.

Tristin doesn't realize that his positive outlook is treating everyone there as well. That's why New York doctor and founder of the MVP Foundation Thomas Haveron had Tristin tossing the first pitch at Wednesday's Yankees game Cleveland.

Jason said Dr. Haveron is "a tremendous blessing for us, an amazing person, we're just so blessed to have him as a friend."

Fighting cancer is a daily business, whether 14 year old Tristin admits it or not, it's a grind. So, any chance he gets to step back, and become a child again. That's what it's all about.

"Just seeing him throw it out is going to be cool. I keep trying to get him to practice, but he's like no, I got this," says Jason.

"I just go with the flow," adds Tristin.

Tristin is responding well to chemo thus far. The FDA is expected to approve a new drug in August that is expected to help even more.