CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – To hear neighbors tell it, Delong Street isn't much different after dark than at midday.

"Safe neighborhood for the kids," Nicole Bibbs says. "Quiet, don't nothing happen."

So, how to explain the shooting incident in front of Edrick Smith's home right as Independence Day ended?

"I think it was something random," Michael Bowling says. "I don't know what caused the trouble over there."

Nobody answered when Eyewitness News came knocking at the Smith house Wednesday morning.

Chattanooga Police say the trouble began as a dispute over liquor at a holiday barbeque.

"When they saw him (Smith) they started shooting," CPD Sgt. Jerri Weary says. "He took cover, and when they stopped shooting they jumped into a car and sped off."

"They", police allege, are Tobias Marco Pruitt, 37, and Rodney Lebron Martin, 40.

Pruitt's run would end at his apartment, 316 Chambliss Street, Tuesday afternoon. Police say he shot at two officers who were trying to arrest him. The officers returned fire, and Pruitt surrendered. 

Pruitt faces three counts of attempted first-degree murder, from the Delong Street incident.

"Some of the bullets hit the home," Sgt. Weary says. "Inside there was a 78 year old woman and another person who were barely missed."

The shootout on Chambliss adds three counts of aggravated assault and two drug charges.

"But given Mr. Pruitt's criminal past, the ATF (federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives) is looking into the case," Sgt. Weary says.

The Bureau's involvement comes after a warrant to search Pruitt's apartment, according to Eric Kehn, Public Information Officer for the ATF's field office in Nashville.

"We were looking for drugs and ammunition," Kehn says. "We found evidence to ensure that law officers and citizens are safer."

The warrant and accompanying affidavits will be made public when Pruitt appears in U.S. District Court in Chattanooga Thursday afternoon, Kehn says.

Back on Delong Street, neighbors would just as soon not be dragged into any of it.

"Weren't no gunshots that I know of," Nicole Bibbs says. "Just firecrackers."

Federal agents say the search affidavits, the charges, all will be clear when Pruitt goes to court Thursday afternoon.

Rodney Martin gave himself up, after Pruitt's arrest. He's jailed, on a single charge of assault.