POLK COUNTY, TN (WRCB) – Police still have many unanswered questions in what caused 22-year-old Queana Wright-Ipke to drive her car into Parksville Lake, Sunday afternoon.

An Alabama man called police when he saw the car submerged in the lake.

Once officers arrived, they found the Wright-Ipke dead in the driver's seat. Investigators believe this was an accident. But won't comment further or let us see the vehicle.

Barry Burch works with a local rafting company and drives Highway 64 every day.

As part of the Corridor-K project, this stretch of the highway that winds with the Ocoee River has been on the Tennessee Department of Transportation's radar for quite some time. The goal to find the best way around the curves has become a challenge according to T-DOT's website.

Sandra Randolph, a Polk County resident, said many times, she has seen speed as an issue.

"There are people that speed and try to cut corners and I've heard of people doing 80 through here," says Randolph.

Eyewitness News talked with the towing company about incident and the owner of Raines Wrecker, Roy Raines, said it took him about 2 hours to pull the car out of the water.

The area near this crash is one place T-DOT is looking to make improvements.

Burch said he isn't surprised this doesn't happen more often.

"They are not paying attention to their particular location. People are going slow so it is very easy for someone to just miss the curve or misjudge a curve and fly into a river bed. I'm more surprised it doesn't happen more often," he said.

The Sheriff's Office wouldn't say what factors played into the crash, but says it doesn't look like foul play as of right now.

The Polk County Sheriff's Office is awaiting a Medical Examiner's report from Nashville to learn more about how she died.  The results should be available Thursday.