MENTONE, DEKALB COUNTY (WRCB) – A North Alabama man is in critical condition at Erlanger, after being shot by police.

They say Larry Steele was highly intoxicated Monday night, waving a gun and threatening suicide.

DeKalb County deputies say they repeatedly told Steele to drop his gun, and they tased him when he didn't.

That tasing had no effect, and one deputy shot him twice when Steele raised his gun.

"From our initial assessment of the incident, I believe that our officers handled things exactly how they should have.  They followed our use of force policy to a T," says DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris. "It's unfortunate that someone was injured, and our prayers are certainly with Mr. Steele and his family at this time." 

The Alabama Bureau of Investigation is looking into the matter, and the officer who opened fire is on administrative leave, a standard procedure in any officer-involved shooting.