CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Chattanooga Police say a 59-year-old man has been arrested on charges he brutally beat his girlfriend and a dog.

"He always abuses her and stuff like that, but she always stays with him because she says she loves him," Kadijah Brown told Channel 3, "but this time, it's bad."

Kadijah Brown and Teonte Michie say they feared the worst when they saw Gregory Brown come out of his girlfriend's home soaked in blood.

"He had so much blood on him," said Michie, "but he was fine, so we figured she cannot be in there okay."

"We were all out here and my friend asked him where all that blood came from," added Brown, "and he said not to worry about it."

Police say Gregory Brown took his time severely beating his 54 year-old girlfriend inside her Sheridan Avenue Apartment Sunday evening. They say when he was too tired to beat her anymore, he went after his dog.

"He drug the dog in the middle of the street and was just beating the dog in the face, for no reason," said Michie, who called police.

Officers arrived and took Brown into custody. His girlfriend was communicating with neighbors through the front door, too scared to come out. Eventually officers kicked the door in to get to the woman. She was bleeding profusely.

"Luckily we called (police) because she would have been dead this morning," said Michie.

Neighbors say they watched helplessly as paramedics loaded the woman into an ambulance.

"She said, Kadijah I'm going to the ambulance, I'm getting in the ambulance," recalled Brown, "and I said I know Ms. Verne, it's going to be okay."

But neighbors are not so sure about what the future holds. Channel 3 was there this afternoon when the victim returned home briefly. Her face still bandaged and bleeding, neighbors could not recognize her because of severe swelling in her face. Her sister told Channel 3 she was released from the hospital this afternoon but is in a lot of pain.

"If you didn't know who she was you wouldn't recognize who she is today," said Michie, struggling with how severe her neighbor's injuries appeared to be.

Michie says she hopes this will be the end of a bad relationship between the woman and Brown. She plans to be there in court to give her statement because she wants extended jail time for Brown, who has been in and out of jail since 1994.

"We all made statements to police," she said, "so I hope that helps them keep him in jail."

Police aren't sure what prompted the assault, but say because of the severity and duration of the beating, Brown has been charged with aggravated domestic assault and cruelty to animals.

Late this afternoon McKamey Animal Center took the dog from the property. Director Karen Walsh says the Pit Bull mix shows no signs of aggression and will likely be put up for adoption.