CATOOSA COUNTY, GA  (WRCB) -- A private investigator hired by attorneys for Tonya Craft is suing for unpaid work he did on the case. 

Eric Echols says he signed a contract with Cary and Scott King, attorneys hired to represent Craft on charges of child molestation, and ended up performing $26,000 in work for which he says he has not been paid.  

While looking into the child molestation charges against Craft, Echols recorded cell phone video of the mom of one of Craft's accusers hitting him.  The woman filed a harassment complaint against Echols. The allegations were not pursued by authorities, but prosecutors did seek a grand jury indictment against him on charges he intimidated the parents of one of Craft's other accusers. The Catoosa County District Attorneys office dismissed the case against Echols a few months after a jury found Craft not guilty of all the charges against her.

Attorney Cary King tells Eyewitness News that he and his son, Scott, will vigorously pursue every possible avenue for countersuit against Echols.