CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - One of the largest hatches of Mayflies in years wreaks havoc in the Chester Frost Park area of Lake Chickamauga.

The Mayflies were so thick on Tuesday, many RV trailers at the park appeared to be covered with fur. 

They were inside cars, campers and totally covered several picnic tables and bicycles. 

Hatching out by the thousands, Mayflies have been known to close roads and bridges and even cause automobile accidents.

Mayflies are actually a very important part of a fragile food chain for both fish and birds. 

Hidden below the water's surface, Mayflies hatch from an 11 month nymph stage into a fly which mates and dies in less than 48 hours.

They are also considered an indicator of a healthy, clean body of water. Lack of their presence in some cases is a red flag as to water quality of a pond, lake, or river.

Mayflies attract fish of all species making it an excellent time for summer fishing.

Expect a few more hatches through the middle of July.