CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - Charges are pending against 22 year old Tyler Kelly. Who police say was chasing his ex-girlfriend in his car, but lost control, and plowed into a house, on Arrowhead Trail in Chattanooga.  The homeowner's dog was in the path of the car, as it barreled through a fence. It didn't survive.

We tracked down the girlfriend of a man accused of running over the dog and crashing into the house. She said it was an accident, and he wasn't chasing her.

"I remember him he was behind me then he swerved to the side, then he hit the house, I know a lot of people said he was chasing me, but he wasn't chasing me or anything," said Shanika Fennell.

According to Fennell she met her boyfriend Kelley at her house to find his lost wallet. An argument followed and they drove away to cool off, as she says they've done before.

Fennell said she believes her boyfriend wasn't trying to run her off the road, "from my understanding when I had talked to him, he had dropped a cigarette and when he bent down to pick it up, and when he looked up, my car was right there, so he swerved so he wouldn't hit me and that's when he lost control."

She said if he wanted to run her off the road he could have done it at any of the stops leading up to the intersection of Woodvale and arrowhead.

Chattanooga police Sgt. Jerri Weary says that story doesn't exactly match what officers on the scene say, "what they said was the vehicle was chasing her, and he was about to overtake her when he lost control of the vehicle."

Officers also said in the heat of the moment Tuesday night, Fennell lead them to believe this was more than just a car losing control.

The police report is not yet available so they couldn't let us know what was said, but we do know charges are pending, and one family has lost a dog.

"Still lets us know that they were in a domestic squabble that resulted in him losing control of the vehicle killing the persons dog, and damaging their home. That's what the charges will result from no matter what the intent," said Sgt. Weary.

We spoke with the dog owner. She said the dog didn't make it through the night, and that they are planning on taking legal action.


CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Police say a young man crashed his car into home following a breakup with his girlfriend.

Witnesses tell police 22-year-old Tyler Kelley was chasing after his girlfriend, with whom he had just separated, when he lost control of his vehicle around 8:00 a.m.

Police say Kelley plowed through a chain link fence, ran over a dog and into the home at 4723 Arrowhead Trail.

Officers tell Eyewitness News there is a 3-5 foot hole in the home's foundation and a portion of the home is damaged where the car struck.

Kelley was taken to the hospital, but refused treatment once he got there.

Police say charges are likely.