CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Chattanooga Police are trying to track down a suspect who hit a boy on a bike on Dodds Avenue. The car then fled the scene. 

Eyewitnesses say the boy was dazed and they tried to calm him.

"He was crying and he wanted to call his mom," says Kenneth Ware.

Ware says he couldn't make sense of the phone number to call the boy's mother but he picked up the phone and called police.

Ware heard the ruckus just outside his barber shop window on Dodds Avenue, Friday afternoon.

"One of my customers saw the young man going down the street with his back exposed," says Ware.

Police say the 9 year old boy crossed lanes of traffic on his bike and was struck by a car.

"Completely drove over him from what I understand the driver kept going," says Ware.

Police report the car continued to drag the bike as the driver left the scene.

"He was really shaken up, shocked, he didn't want me to call police I asked if he was ok and said he's fine, he wanted to call his mom," says Ware.

The young man was transported to Erlanger. He suffered injuries to his back and shoulder.

Ware says the boy was blessed to walk away with little injury but he's still wondering who could keep driving after hitting a child on a bike.

"It would had to be someone who really didn't care, completely calloused," says Ware.

Police are still investigating the incident and have stopped a suspect vehicle, but no arrests have been made.