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Sheriff: No meth in McMinn

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MCMINN COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) -- An area sheriff says a new initiative is helping him win the war on meth.

McMinn County Sheriff Joe guy started his "100-days pseudo-free" campaign in February. Four months later, he says it's been successful. Between January and April of last year, McMinn County authorities seized 38 meth labs. This year, only 18.

Sheriff Joe Guy said, "we knew we had the potential to make a difference in our meth labs, but we weren't expecting that big of a change."

After leading the state in 2010 with 161 meth lab seizures. Sheriff Guy said, drastic times call for drastic measures. Four months after issuing "100-days pseudo-free" campaign in February the numbers show a 47 percent drop off from this time last year.

Sheriff Guy said, "I think it's pretty clear, with the support of our pharmacists and they agree with us. The police chiefs agree with us, everyone in McMinn County is seeing less meth labs, and that's what is important."

Sheriff Guy met with all the pharmacies in McMinn County last week, he said almost every pharmacist saw a decline in suspicious purchasing and most are still requiring a prescription to purchase pseudo based products.

Charles Wilson of Wilson Drugs says there's a direct correlation between the positive numbers and law enforcement's efforts, "he's putting in a big effort, and he's trying. If they know you ain't gonna sell, then they don't come in."

Every pharmacy Sheriff Guy visited said they support his new initiative called "No Meth in McMinn."

Guy says the black eye over their county has to go, but he knows nothing is official until these low numbers continue into December and beyond.

"We wanted to share that with the county here because I want them to continue to support that initiative. None of that will matter until December when we are finally off the top meth lab county in the state," said Guy.

He also said the numbers for May and June aren't official yet, but early hand counts show the same results, and he'll continue to update our state law makers of the progress.

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