CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – The Tennessee Valley Authority has teamed up with area local fishermen in an effort to try alternative ways of controlling aquatic vegetation here on Chickamauga Lake.

TVA representatives David Webb and Jason Yarborough, along with Chattanooga Bass Association President Justin Medley and several other local fishermen, were on hand Wednesday afternoon to install a weed control blanket around the boat ramp area at Chester Frost Park.

The blankets are designed to block the sunlight and keep the aquatic vegetation from growing.

"It is great to see TVA working with our local anglers and trying alternative means of aquatic vegetation control versus just spraying aquatic herbicides in our water here on Chickamauga Lake," says CBA President Justin Medley.

TVA will monitor the results and success of this system in the coming months to see if this will be a viable option in controlling aquatic weeds in similar areas on Chickamauga Lake.


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