CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Crime Stoppers is looking for a man who preyed on a teen runaway. His face was caught on tape and police hope someone can help put the man behind bars for statutory rape.

"We believe he's probably still riding around in the white town car," says Chattanooga Police Officer Nathan Hartwig.

Police say he took advantage of a young girl when she was in a bad place in her life, she had run away from home.

"Yea, there was no kidnapping aspect, she was a runaway who took a ride, unfortunately this is what happened to her," says Hartwig.

Officer Hartwig says the girl left the Alton Park area willingly with man in the photos. That's when things took another turn, he took the juvenile to Kings Lodge and sexually assaulted her.

"What happened at the hotel room was uncalled for, that's why we want to get this guy," says Hartwig.

Police say the room was rented under the name Carroll White. Police are hoping she can help with the investigation. Police say White could be in the East Ridge or Rossville areas and has outstanding warrants.

‘If we can find her, maybe she'll know what happened in the room and will talk to us about who the suspect is...not sure if she played a role yet," says Hartwig. 

Police say the suspect has gray hair in braids and closely trimmed facial hair. He drives a white Lincoln Towncar. Police want this man off the streets.

"It's sad when someone takes advantage of a juvenile situation like this especially somebody who may have problems at home. We're not sure," says Hartwig.

You have two shots at helping here, if you recognize Carroll White or the man with the Lincoln Towncar.

Pick up the phone and call Crime Stoppers at 698--3333. You could get a cash reward, and the call is confidential.