OKLAHOMA CITY (WRCB) - For decades, we've all known "Paul said it would be like this." Since the April 27 storms in 20011, Paul Barys has been sharing his knowledge and skills with meteorologists all over the country.

Channel 3's Chief Meteorologist Paul Barys was asked to address meteorologists at the American Meteorological Society's Annual Broadcast Meteorology Conference in Oklahoma City following the storms.

Barys, who holds a Seal of Approval from the Society, shared his insight last summer on how he used the Storm Alert 3 VIPIR to accurately predict tornadoes, sometimes as much as 20 minutes before their arrival.

During his talk, Paul explained to the nation's leading weather forecasters how more advanced forms of Doppler radar allowed the Channel 3 team to identify specific cells that were most likely to form tornadoes and track those storms through the region.

Barys said this week, "I told people I felt like I was a radar observer watching waves of bombers flying over, and there was nothing I could do about.  But actually there was something I could do. I have given many speeches about tornado safety and on that day it was repeated over and over again."

This course provided a clear "real-world" understanding of how to interpret and use this new technology on television, on the web and in other media applications.

The AMS was founded in 1919 and has 14,000 members.