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Vandals hit park in broad daylight

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) -- Vandals have defaced yet another public property in Chattanooga.

At Rivermont Ball Park, coaches found tables flipped, garbage cans overturned and signs torn down and slashed, signs that were posted in honor of a fallen teammate and his favorite charity.

Whomever is responsible did this in broad daylight, sometime between lunchtime and 3pm Tuesday. 

"We'll take care of it.  We'll get it fixed.  No big deal, but it's just sad that kids don't have something better to do than this.  You know?  If they want a job, they can come down here, I'll put `em to work, but I don't need `em down here tearing this place up," says Kent Collyer, President of the Rivermont Youth Athletic Association.

This is not the first incident.  The board has spent thousands to repair a piece of field equipment after someone dumped sand in its gas tank, twice. 

If you know anything about the crimes call Police or the Parks and Rec Department.

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