MEMPHIS (WRCB) -- Every year, Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital treats hundreds of children, who have come from all over the world. 

Many families arrive at St Jude just days, sometimes only hours, after a devastating diagnosis.

When patients arrive an exam room is one of the first places they come to and they arrive with a lot of questions.

"I think among the most common is why did this happen, will my child survive this," says Dr. Allistair Abraham. "Unfortunately we don't have all the answers to all of the questions."

Doctor Abraham does his best to answer those questions and make sure patients and their families understand all that will happen.

"It's really important to know in those early days that you'll be meeting a lot of people and they're here to help," says Dr. Abraham.

And it's not just doctors who will be helping.

"From the dietician to spiritual support to a lot of people are going to be very important parts of taking care of the patient," says Dr. Abraham.

Those people become very important to the patients and the patients become very important to the staff at St. Jude.

"We do get pretty attached to our patients," says Dr. Abraham. "When one of my 10 year old patients she wrote me a Valentine's card that says thank you for saving my life, that sort of stuff stops you no matter who you are it's a fantastic experience."