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Spraying begins again on Chickamauga Lake

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - After over a decade, homeowners and TVA resume the spraying of aquatic herbicides around docks and recreation areas on Chickamauga Lake. 

In the late 80's TVA completely eradicated all aquatic vegetation on Chickamauga Lake. 

In the following years, the fishery started a downhill slide which fishermen attributed to the killing of all aquatic vegetation. 

Today, Chickamauga Lake has made a huge recovery and may be one of the best fisheries in the Southeast again. 

Troy Goldsby, spray boat operator for Aqua Services, Inc. says "We could spray every dock on Chickamauga Lake and not adversely affect this fishery".

WATCH: Video of boat spraying on Chickamauga

Aqua Services, Inc. will continue to spray private docks on Chickamauga for the next three weeks and will repeat that process once again at the end of this summer.

"We will only be treating 100 feet around private docks.  We will not be treating open water areas including humps and river bars," Goldsby says.

As of right now the areas that have been sprayed by Aqua Services Inc. are the Mud Creek area in Dayton and Chester Frost Park area in the Hixson.

Troy Goldsby stated "We are only allowed to treat a 100' area around these docks and treat boat lanes to access some of the private dock areas".

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