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Saturday storm causes more damage for North Georgia families

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CHATTANOOGA VALLEY, GA. (WRCB)  --  On Sunday, thousands of North Georgia EMC customers are still without power after Saturday's powerful storm.

High winds brought trees down on roads and homes throughout the Chattanooga Valley, an area already hit seven weeks ago during the April 27 tornado outbreak.

"At least it didn't take the roof of this time," says Marquita Posey.  "In that sense we are lucky."

The sight of their home in shambles has almost become part of the norm for the Chattanooga Valley family.

"We just finished making a bunch of repairs," Posey says.  "Now we have to start all over again."

Posey and her husband finished $3,000 worth of repairs to their roof.  They don't have insurance, so FEMA helped the couple rebuild after the tornadoes.  Posey says things were almost back to normal until Saturday.

"When it rains or thunderstorms now I get really scared," she says.  Up the road, a trailer home on Tower Road did lose its roof.  The family was inside at the time.

"The parents threw themselves over their kids," says relative Wes Mulkey.  "Their dog went flying out the roof." 

Mulkey stopped by to check on his family members not long after the storm passed through. This family had also just finished roof repairs from April.

"They got it fixed up and then all this tore them apart again," Mulkey says. 

"It's ironic that they got hit twice in a row," Mulkey says.  "That storm came out of nowhere in my opinion."

Mulkey says his relatives also lost their car, it was crushed when their roof landed on top of it.

The good news is no one was injured, not even the family's dog.  The Red Cross provided them with food and hotel vouchers Saturday night.   

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