Summer is a time of beauty and abundance in the garden. It's also a busy time for the gardener, full of chores that are necessary to care for and maintain the health of your plants..

Our gardening expert, Jim Webster from The Barn Nursery was our guest this morning. Jim brought examples of drought resistant flowers that can survive the heat.

He also gave the following tips for taking care of your flowers..


Gardening Tips


This is also listed as a spring chore, but you should continue to dead-head flowers that have passed throughout the summer (this increases bloom time and strengthens the plant). Pay special attention to dead-heading flowers that self-seed once they have passed so that you maintain control over where they spread in your garden. If you want to propagate certain plants, you can save the flower heads for planting at a later date.

-Pest Patrol

Keep a close watch over your garden for any sign of pests so that you can move quickly and take action before the problem spreads out of control. On roses especially, keep an eye out for aphids and mildew. This is also a good time to reapply pepper wax or whatever you might be using to keep the deer, rabbits and other big pests away too.

-Staking & Support

Put stakes and supports in place for tall, herbaceous plants, like peonies and delphiniums. This will prevent them from falling over or look messy as they grow taller and heavy with blooms with the progressing season. Likewise, as climbers display new growth, be sure to position them on a support system in order to maintain control over where they grow and prevent an untidy appearance.


An inch of water a week is a good rule of thumb, so don't just spritz, water deeply to keep those roots digging deeper.