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Crime Stoppers: Family Dollar Robbery

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CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)-- Crime Stoppers is searching for the man who brazenly stole from a Family Dollar store. No disguise, no note instructing the clerk to hand over the loot.

This guy's method is to lull the cashier into his or her normal routine and then strike.

"From all the surveillance pictures, so far, it looks like it's the same person," says Chattanooga Police Officer Nathan Hartwig.

Police believe he's robbed at least three stores in the area. The latest is a Family Dollar on Rossville Boulevard. His M.O. is the same, too.

"He's pretty much always walking into the store, no mask on, acting like a customer going to purchase an item and once that cash register drawer is open, he grabs the money," says Hartwig.

In the Rossville Boulevard case on the evening of June 4th, the cashier tried to grab the man's hands as he took the money but couldn't hold on. 

"He's being physically confrontational with the clerks if they try to resist," says Hartwig.

The man in the pictures is described as being 5-7 to 6-feet tall with a medium build. 

He wears a baseball cap over short braids. In the June 4th robbery, he wore a black do rag underneath the cap.

Once witness said he may have gotten away in a maroon Honda.

Police want to get this crook off the streets before he hurts someone.

"He hasn't displayed any weapon, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have one.  He could still have one and we don't want anyone to get hurt or killed," says Hartwig.

If you have any information about the suspect, you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333. 

No one will ever know it's you who made the call and you could get a cash reward.

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