CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)--The best chances for rain in Chattanooga in weeks couldn't have come at a worse time. Right in the middle of the Riverbend music festival. 

A storm passed right over the city early Wednesday afternoon, and with possible storms on the way for Wednesday night, event officials are monitoring the weather like hawks so they can keep people informed.

"If they're at the festival we'll let them know what's going on before anything happens and just ask them to be careful and cautious," said Chip Baker, executive director of Riverbend.

This is Riverbend number thirteen for Baker. With Miranda Lambert headlining on a night of possibly wet and thunderous weather, he insists performances go on, rain or shine. Baker still expects superb attendance. Concert goers may just have to seek shelter for a while to keep safe and dry.

"A few years ago when we had 'Alabama', we stopped the show for two hours," recalled Baker. "They came out and played their whole show and we shot off fireworks at 1:30 in the morning."

Of course everyone's encouraged to bring some sort of rain gear, but if you leave it behind Baker has a few ideas based on what folks have done in past years.

"We always suggest that they go to their car or they can go to the restaurants and get something to eat or drink to stay out of the weather if by chance it gets that bad," said Baker. A notion one would think would not sit well with Riverbend vendors.

Jim Murphy and his wife Donna are helping run their son's food stand where they sell Italian ice. So far the weather has been treating their business well.

"The hotter the better for us," explained Jim. Even though he will be keeping tabs on the changing atmosphere, he is surprisingly not worried about one night of impending rain washing away his bottom line.

"It [revenue] accumulates over the 8 or 9 days...and I think it'll be a good festival for us. So as far as profit I think we'll be ok," said Jim.

Regardless of the weather, Baker has just one final thought.

"Just have a great time," exclaimed Baker.