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Snakes hiding in Dade County debris

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DADE COUNTY, TRENTON, GA (WRCB) -- Piles of debris lay curbside in Dade County as tornado cleanup continues.

This pile here used to be someone's home. Now it's home to groups of snakes.

Dade County debris crews have killed at least six snakes in the last week.

Philip Street said, "Look where you are going. It is hot and snakes are looking for some place cool to lay down."

Most times, they're under brush piles which is a similar habitat to copperheads or rattle snakes.

Josh Hicks has been working seven days a week and says he constantly wears a mask for the dust, and boots for the snakes.

Hicks said, "We watch out for snakes if we are in some thick area or some thick brush, we really look for snakes and keep our eyes out."

Dade County Animal Control is responsible for cats and dogs, but says snakes aren't out of the equation.

If bitten, many people don't always have a nasty reaction the first time.

Mark Melville of Lifeguard Ambulance Service said, "If you have been bitten before, you may not have had a very bad reaction, but it could turn into a really serious situation."

How do you know if you come across one that's poisonous?

Melville said, "If they have a triangular head with a button nose that will give you a big indication that the snake is probably poisonous."

The cleanup crew doesn't handle the reptiles, directly, street says they use the equipment to ward off any would-be predators.

Street said, "A snake is a snake is a snake, and the only good snake is a dead snake, that is unless you like snakes."

If you are bitten by a snake get immediate medical attention and we're told most snakes in this area won't attack unless provoked.

If you encounter a snake, it is always safest to call animal control.

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