BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Shovels scrape the pavement of what used to be a home in the Willbrooke community.

A group of nearly 50 students from Powder Springs, Georgia answered the Salvation Army's plea for more cleanup help.

Kelli Kyle, a Cleveland resident, says a month and a half later, cleanup is still as challenging as day one.

Kyle says, "It has been very tough. It was especially tough the day after just getting to the Dalton Pike area. It was just devastating."

Volunteer Andrew Silva says, "I think it is great to help people who are less fortunate than I am."

In all, nearly 200 teens signed up to help and visited three areas hit by the storm.

For many, this was their first time seeing the damage.

After waves of cleanup efforts, some areas, like Willbrooke, are still in need of assistance.

Stephen Holmes says, "It is hard to believe how hard it has been for them. It is hard to see what they have been going through."

The April 27th storms brought several tornadoes through the area killing nine people and destroying almost 500 homes in Bradley County.

For Stephen Holmes, helping out was more than just being empathetic for the storm victims.

Holmes says, "It is a great opportunity to come and help people that have been hurt by the storm. I would just love to know that if the same thing happened to me people would come and help."

The group lifted brick by brick, even pieces of a roof that nearly crushed a young girl

Even after the near injury, volunteers say it's giving back that makes this day worth it.

Volunteer Nathan Yondow says, "When people are all out helping, it makes the day better and makes you want to be a better person."

More help is available.

If you need assistance with storm damage and debris, you can call the Cleveland Salvation Army at (423) 339-2907 and put in your request.