BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Blue Springs Elementary School is just a ruined shell of its former self.

The school was devastated by the April 27th storm that killed 9 people in the county and ruined hundreds of homes and structures.

Our camera was there with school officials the next day to get a look inside.

Friday, boarded up windows and hanging siding are what's left of the building.

Director of Schools, Johnny McDaniel said, "It is hard to come back from a storm. It is hard to pick back up and get going again, but that is what we had to do."

That meant moving 250 Blue Spring students to Waterville Elementary, a couple of miles away, even rezoning areas for bus pickups.

It's made for some crowded classrooms, but helped buy the school board time to come up with strategy of what to do next.

Not too far down the road, "Cotton" Williams saw his kids grow up in that school and said it's always been a community staple.

Does that mean it's time to tear it down?

Williams said, "Yeah it is sad to see it go, but for the shape it is in, I would say yes."

McDaniel said the county planned to build another school similar to Parkview Elementary, which was designed for expansion, if necessary.

The school system budgeted $10 million and has its eyes on 20 acres of land about two miles down the road from Blue Springs Elementary.

McDaniel said, "While there are great memories there, the board had a hard decision. Do we just go back to what we had or is it time to move forward with our plans to build a replacement school."

The school system hopes to repair the gym and make it a community center.

The new school would be built for 450 students but would hold up to 600 if needed.