SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN (WRCB) -- As the family of Gail Palmgren continue their search, Gail's neighbor and friend, Arlene Durham, alleges Signal Mountain Police told her to not to infer with their case.

She says 30 days after Palmgren went missing, she drove to Mississippi and Florida asking questions on the disappearance.

Soon after, she received a text message.

Durham says, "I'm interfering in what? A missing person case? And I am trying to find my friend; I thought that was pretty low of them."

Durham says Gail gathered information on her husband, Matthew, and planned to use it as evidence in what would have been a divorce.

Durham says Palmgren hired a private investigator, found hotel receipts, even put a tracking device on Matthew's car.

"If you named it and needed it, she had it ready. That's why I can't understand why she went back," says Durham.

Durham says she talked to Palmgren the day before Gail went missing.

She says Palmgren appeared upset, and bothered.

Durham says Gail wasn't very talkative that day and avoided much of their conversation.

Durham says, "She was tired of everything that was going on. She was tired of the drinking, the lies. She found out about the affair. Enough is enough."

Durham says she will keep searching for Palmgren until she's found, even if that means taking matters into her own hands.

Durham says, "I'm going to go where I think Gail might have went. No one seems to care. I care. He says we really don't want to press charges but if you keep doing it then we will."