CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - WRCB-TV is almost tripling its power to provide superior picture and sound quality to our viewers. 

This project requires us to install a new antenna atop our tower on Signal Mountain. 

The project began Monday, June 20, 2011, but due to severe thunderstorms in the area, the project is taking longer than expected.

A tower crew has removed the multi-ton Channel 3 analog antenna from the top of our tower on Signal Mountain and is in the process of installing a new multi-ton Digital Channel 3 antenna. 

After the installation of the new antenna, the effective radiated power will be increased to 111 kW, triple its previous power.

Due to severe weather in the area, the schedule has shifted slightly. We anticipate that the project will be completed Tuesday, July 12.

While the workers are on the tower, we will be required to reduce power to protect the workers from excessive radiation exposure.  During this time, some of our viewers may experience a lessening of picture and audio quality or even a complete loss of signal. 

In most instances, the picture and audio will be restored and be better than ever after the power increases.

If you continue to experience problems after July 12th days, please contact us.