MARION COUNTY, TN. (WRCB)-- Wyn Walker slept through the wreck that killed three people only yards from his home off of Big Fork Road in Marion County.

But what he's seen since, leads him to believe the claims of the driver, the sole survivor, that a second car may be to blame.

"When you see skid marks in reverse, gravel going one way, a post knocked down--spin marks going out--as you can see--very obvious skid marks--it sure looks like somebody was trying to get away to me," says Walker.

Emergency sirens awakened him just past 4:30 Saturday morning.

"As I walked toward the flashing lights, it was just heartbreaking," says Walker.

The vehicle rolled over," says Tennessee Highway Patrol Lt. Christie Phillips. "Twice."

THP investigators believe that Annie Blevins, 24, her cousin Emily Clayton, 21, and Emily's

husband Scott Clayton, 20, died instantly.

"They were pinned underneath the Jeep," says Lt. Phillips.

Investigators interviewed Blevins' husband Eric, 37, after he was airlifted to Erlanger Medical Center for treatment.

"He was very adamant of someone else being involved," says Lt. Phillips.

Investigators won't speculate as to who might be able to support such claims, nor will they say who made the calls for help.

But Walker would need only the light of day to see that somebody had knocked down the signpost in front of his driveway.

"As you can tell by the gravel, looks like they were in reverse because all the gravel was thrown out into the road," says Walker.

Monday afternoon, the Highway Patrol's Critical Incident Response Team, or CIRT, spent more than two hours taking measurements and photographs of the Blevins' wrecked Wrangler. Investigators have declined to say what they're seeking.

I just know if that someone saw an accident and they left, no, they weren't doing the right thing," says Walker. "They must have been guilty of something or they would have pulled over to help."

The Blevins and Clayton families will receive friends from noon to 8:00 PM Wednesday from noon at the Chattanooga Funeral Home's North Chapel on Highway 153.

Annie Blevins' service will be held there at 10:00 AM Thursday.

Emily Clayton's funeral will be at 1:00 PM Thursday at St. Jude Catholic Church.

Scott Clayton's graveside service will be at 3:00 PM Thursday at Chattanooga Memorial Park in Red Bank.