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Dayton home catches fire 5 times in 1 week

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DAYTON, TN (WRCB) -- The home at 1869 Old Washington Highway was set ablaze not once, but five times in a week.

The first two were May 18th to the side of the home and the storage shed out back.

The third, May 27th.

Across the street John Fransico's wife called 9-1-1.

Fransico said, "That is all I could see is smoke, that's it."

Two doors down, Bruce Bellinger saw the commotion and said, now, he's seen the home burn one time too many.

Bellinger said, "I don't know what to say. Five times in a month is a lot. It is a concern for the neighbors."

Call number four came on May 28th. This time neighbors saw flames shooting out of a crawl space.

Firefighters quickly doused the blaze as neighbors watched in amazement.

Francisco said, "Never seen anything like this before."

May 30th brought about fire number five.

This time, neighbors saw the back porch burning.

Bellinger said he could smell something burning in the distance.

"I saw the fire trucks and could smell burning rubber and saw a little smoke but nothing of volume."

The burned spots on the home are what's left after the fire fiasco.

Dayton City Fire Investigators say all of the small fires point to the work of an arsonist, but so far nothing has led them to a suspect.

Bellinger has been here two years, and has seen his fair share of fires, but nothing quite like this.

"No this seems to be a record," he said.

This home also had 3 reported fires in April.

The resident of the home has moved out and so far about $11,000 worth of damage has been recorded.

If you have any info, call the Dayton Fire Department at (423) 775-8402.

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