CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) - It may not seem like a common place to find thieves snooping around, but burglary suspects have hit the halls of a private school.

Fortunately for police they were caught on tape.

"It probably happens more often than people realize," Officer Nathan Hartwig says.

Chattanooga Police say it seems as if nothing is off limits when it comes to thieves.  They'll do just about anything to make a quick buck.

"Being at school, being at work, at the gym working out, if you don't keep your stuff locked up there are a lot of thieves who'll steal it," Officer Hartwig adds.

That's what happened at the McCallie School on May 23rd. 

The surveillance photos are of the couple police say walked into the school and rummaged through an area where employees keep their belongings.

"They took items out of the wallets. Cash, credit cards out of the wallet," Hartwig says.

There's a pretty clear shot of the woman.  The man's New York Yankees ball cap stands out.  Police even have a photo of the car the two were driving, a newer model gray Dodge sedan.

Investigators are asking you to take a good look at the thieves and always keep in mind you have to keep an eye on what is yours.

"The moral of the story is no matter where you're at, even at a grocery, keep your belongings with you, or locked up somewhere," Hartwig says.

Investigators say there's a chance this pair is responsible for other crimes.  If you recognize the two, call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333.  The call is confidential and it could earn you a cash reward up to $1,000.