CHATTANOOGA (WRCB-TV) - It brings to mind every futuristic 'cops and robbers' movie you have ever seen, but the Sentinel is actually on the streets today.

And, if delivered in time, Chattanooga Police Officers will mount them to patrol this year's Riverbend Festival.

Assistant Chief Tim Carroll calls the Police Mobility Vehicle a safer version of the Segue.

On three wheels, the high-tech electric chariot tops out at over 25 miles per hour.

Once fully charged, approximately three hours, it has a range of 80 miles.

The CPD versions will be outfitted with lights and siren giving them a more pronounced presence than bicycle patrol officers.

They will be used to patrol parks and greenways, downtown and the north shore and can be loaded onto trailers to be moved and used in other areas of the city.

Made by Xtreme Green Products, Inc. out of Las Vegas, the Sentinels cost nearly $27,000 each.  But thanks to a grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, there is no initial cost to the city.