BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- The cleanup after April's deadly storms is still only in its beginning phase in Bradley County. People need supplies to clear away debris and start rebuilding their lives. Buying new tools and building material will not be easy for people who've lost everything. But Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland has a plan.

"Our focus is to rebuild Bradley County. It's definitely not a sprint, it's a marathon," said Annie Kinworthy of Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland.

Leg two in this marathon is rebuilding. To rebuild you need building supplies. Habitat for humanity hopes to fill a vacant plant at Whirlpool with donated building supplies.

Kinworthy says, "there's so many people that didn't have home owners insurance, or who applied with FEMA and don't have enough funds to cover the whole cost. It's just a means for the community to give back to the community in whatever way they can."

They're taking anything from shingles, siding, lumber, windows, doors. Anything you can think of that the storms could have ruined.

Habitat is working with The Salvation Army who is in charge of dispersing the donated material. After that comes the labor, local contractors like Kent Berry have stepped up to donate labor.

Berry says, "my wife has always said many hands make light work, we're hoping for that here. Hoping for many hands and some of them skilled."

That's all part of a new brush of kindness program by Habitat for Humanity of Cleveland to rebuild homes. It starts next week. In the meantime, they need building materials.

Kinsworthy said, "there's a lot of people right now living in make shift homes, living with families. There's a lot of people not settled. Our goal is to get them back to their homes, back to normal, as quickly as possible."

They will be taking donations at that Whirlpool location for at least a year. If you can donate any supplies call, 476-6947.