APISON, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Just more than three weeks ago, an EF-4 tornado ripped through Apison, taking with it everything in its path.

One family says they can't say thank you enough to the community. Their eyes well up with tears when they talk about how much help they've received.

A generous group has given them a new set of wheels.

"Twenty years, gone, 20 years, it don't look like the same place," says Andrea Mitchell.

Weeks after the devastation, the destruction, the pain is still evident.

"I grew up there, I've lived here all my life , it's all I've known and it's gone," says Mitchell.

For the Mitchell family of four and their extended family, who live on Alabama Road in Apison, it's bitter sweet.

"To see the support from the community has been overwhelming, we've been so grateful," says Robert Mitchell.

Grateful for the help and one group has been here helping the family clear their yard and remove debris.

Students and faculty from Silverdale Baptist Academy have helped many families but fell in love with the Mitchells.

‘They'd come back to school and talk about watching adults cry because of the work that was done and they're ready to go out and keep going," says Becka Mason, teacher from Silverdale Baptist Academy.

An anonymous donor through Silverdale Baptist offered a new set of wheels for the Mitchell's.

"It's a blessing because the other one is in the shop, it's truly a blessing," says Robert.

Seems counting those blessing could keep the Mitchell's busy these days.

"Yes it was scary, he said be ready we may not have your mom or dad," says Andrea.

Andrea's parents are fine, her aunt and cousin who live two doors down as well. In fact, they only lost a goat in the hysteria and they're nursing her newborn.

"As long as we're up walking and breathing I thank the lord, every day for that," says Robert.

The Mitchells are staying at their church for the time being. They do plan to rebuild in the very same spot.

The Silverdale Disaster Relief Teams have helped 25- 28 families in at least 3 different counties.