BRADLEY COUNTY, TN. (WRCB) - The cattle seem carefree on a spring day on Spring Place Road in Bradley County.

But one Hereford herd is a head short. Thanks to a sheriff's cruiser.

"The cow jumped out and got me," Deputy Doug Boucher radios in to a dispatcher, shortly before 4:30 Thursday morning.

Deputy Boucher had been on patrol, checking reports that several heifers were roaming free.

The proof found him.

"He'd not located the cow and turned around to make a second pass through," Sheriff's spokesman Bob Gault says.

"When the cow jumped out of a wooded area. The collision was unavoidable."

"I've been in an accident," Deputy Boucher radios dispatch.

"I'm hurt pretty bad. I'm trapped in my car."

"The cow they say, was pregnant," neighbor Richard Cook says.

"I would say weighing close to 900 pounds, or better."

Its full weight came to rest on the hood.

Tufts of its coat remain there, and on the custom steel bumper. The front and back windshields are crumpled.

"The roof of the car was less than, just a few inches from his face," Gault says.

The Fire & Rescue Squad would have to cut through with the Jaws of Life, to get him out.

Investigators are trying to figure out why the cattle wandered.

"This is the season that they look for a mate," neighbor Richard Cook says.

"They've been making noises the last couple of days--on both sides of our house."

Cook didn't hear the collision.

Didn't know about the damage until he saw it on the news.

"A lot more than a deer can do," he says.

Deputy Boucher is at Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga, facing surgery

to repair injuries to his face.

 His 2009 Ford Crown Victoria is totaled.

"He may take a little bit of ribbing," Gault says.

"But I think most people will be glad to have him back."