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Ringgold staying positive 3 weeks after tornado

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RINGGOLD, CATOOSA COUNTY, GA. (WRCB)-- Mother nature's storm is over. But for many, another storm has begun, reality. Today we went in search of those stories and found the spirit of survival is strong on Cherokee Valley Road in Ringgold, GA.

"I didn't know what to say, it was hard for me to stand. My heart was shaking,"

Twelve year old Jacia Beene recalls what her and her family saw after rising from their basement on Cherokee Valley Road in Ringgold, the destruction could not be put into words.

"My oldest began to cry, it touched my heart because I kept telling her it's just a big old mess. She said no momma, I'm crying because I'm happy, I'm thankful we're all still alive," said Jacia's mother Katrina.

Four solid acres of trees blocked Katrina's house from the road. Three weeks after the storm, you can see what's left of her home in broad daylight from hundreds of yards away.

While this home isn't exactly livable right now, Katrina and her family are staying in Flintstone at their other home which they've been trying to sell.

Katrina said, "there's a reason for everything, there's a reason the house didn't sell."

If there's a reason for everything, 12 year old Jacia believes there's a reason the tornado destroyed parts of Ringgold.

Jacia said, "I think the reason behind the tornado, was to bring Ringgold closer. As I look at the progress, I'm thanking god and praying every night."

This family isn't the only family thinking that way. Right across the street, Pete Bryson and his wife lost everything. But as he says it's all replaceable, and before this storm he didn't know his neighbors.

"We lived here 14 months, we knew the people next door that's all, since this happened we know everybody. It just brings out the good in everybody," said Bryson.


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