HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Outside the Hamilton County Courthouse all is quiet, but the signs supporting the Family Planning Program speak loudly.

Inside, an ovation to the County Commission for unanimously approving funding for the health department program.

"It is only for family planning and prohibits the use of the funds for any kind of abortion services," says Commissioner Jim Fields.

More than half a million dollars will go into the program which teaches sexual education and administers the controversial Plan-B pill.

Supporters rallied in the commission chambers after the county threatened to cut funding earlier this month.

Pro-life supporter Todd McCain was the lone voice to challenge the commission's vote.

"The medication is working to stop something that is going, and that means something must be stopped, and that is the problem," says McCain.

Several commissioners were on the cusp of cutting funding after many believed Plan-B worked as an abortion pill.

It's marketed as an emergency contraception, and a supporter says a lack of education could have ended the program.

"That small misunderstanding could have risked the lives of the 4,000 people that used those services last year," says Ash-Lee Henderson of Chattanooga Organized for Action

One by one, commissioners approved the funding.

McCain, who wasn't allowed to speak to commissioners until after the vote, says he isn't sure the supreme court or other legal bodies can define where life begins.

"We recognize life in its simplest forms everywhere else but not in this country, and that is a shame," says McCain.

The Family Planning Program has over 3,600 people enrolled, 95% of those served are below the poverty level.

You don't need a prescription for Plan-B, you have to be 18-years, or older.