CATOOSA COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Catoosa County, City of Ringold and insurance companies are in the processes of reviewing the results of a recent tally of inspections to damaged structures.

"GIS and other departments in the city and county have been involved in conducting a count on damaged structures," said Catoosa County Manager Mike Helton. "Based on the information we have collected to date the following are the numbers compiled both within the county and the city of Ringgold."

There are 539 residential dwellings that are damaged and 84 are destroyed. Commercial buildings classified as damaged are 42 and those destroyed are 30, according to Helton.

"The numbers on the commercial side are conservative," he said. " We do expect to see the residential and commercial numbers rise as the process continues."

Catoosa County residents may call (706) 965-2500 and Ringgold residents may call (706) 935-3061 for more information about county services