EAST RIDGE, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) – East Ridge Police are looking for a suspect they say knocked on a woman's door, cut her with a box cutter and ran.

It all happened in broad daylight and has some women in the neighborhood concerned.

"I seen ‘em rolling down the street and put her down in the ambulance and load her in," says Lenice Frazier.

Frazier says she could see her neighbor holding her stomach as paramedics ushered her away. It wasn't long before Frazier heard from another neighbor.

"He said there's been a break in and she was beat up and sent to the hospital," says Frazier.

"Next thing I know my mother-in-law is calling me telling me there's been a home invasion behind me," says Teresa Frazier, Lenice's daughter-in-law.

East Ridge Police say it was just after two Tuesday afternoon when they were dispatched to 6813 Martha Avenue.

Investigators say what came across the scanners as a home invasion appears to be an assault.

Police Chief Eddie Phillips says the suspect knocked on the victim's door and asked to use the phone. When she turned to get one, he struck her in the head and then used a box cutter to slice her stomach.

"We don't think he's demanded money or tried to rob her or anything like that. He just assaulted her and left. It's a little strange from that angle," says Phillips.

"If I don't know ya, I'm not opening the door," says Teresa Frazier.

Teresa Frazier says she's always alert and a bit protective, over her home and her mother-in-law down the hill, but this has her thinking.

"That's close to home. I'm right here. If they wanna come in, I'm gonna protect myself," says Teresa Fraizer.

"It could happen anywhere, it could happen to me," says Lenice Frazier.

East Ridge Police scoured nearby Camp Jordan looking for the suspect but they need your help. The suspect is a white male in his 20's, with a mustache. He was wearing a black sweat suit.

If you seen anyone who fits that description call east ridge police at 622-1725 or the confidential tip line at 867-0016.