HAMILTON COUNTY, TN.  (WRCB)  --  Now is the time to apply for Amazon.com jobs in the Tennessee valley.

The online retailer is building fulfillment centers in Hamilton and Bradley counties, putting hundreds of people to work.

The application process is done online or over the phone.  People can now apply for hourly and managerial positions.  The jobs range from packing to technical support and human resources.  They'll add 1,200 new jobs to Hamilton and Bradley counties.

Deborah Jones has spent a lot of time at the Tennessee Career Center lately.  She's been unemployed off for the last two years.

"I have been putting in applications and everything but it's hard," she says. 

So when Jones heard the news Monday, that Amazon.com is now hiring for multi million square foot facilities in Hamilton and Bradley counties, she jumped on it.

"We're very hopeful the announcement that they're beginning to hire people for the jobs is a step in the right direction," says J.Ed. Marston with the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce. 

Despite ongoing controversy in Nashville over a so called 'secret sales tax' exemption, Amazon's construction projects at Enterprise South in Chattanooga and North Industrial Park in Bradley county, are moving ahead at lighting speed.

"Although Amazon is gonna have a tremendous amount of technology in this facility," says Marston.  "It's not quite as complicated as building massive turbines for power generators or building cars."

Marston says although the speed of the project is surprising, the online retailers is using a model they know works.

"They've also done lots of centers like this around the country," Marston says.  "So they've got a pretty good template for how this works."

Back at the Tennessee Career Center, Deborah Jones is making her way through the application.  "I'm not picky," she says.  "Any job, as long as it's with a paycheck." 

As with every application filed, she's hopeful it will be the last.  "You always say it's never gonna happen to you," Jones says.  "But it does."

Amazon also announced it may open up to three additional fulfillment centers in Tennessee, creating as many as 2,700 new full-time jobs and 4,000 seasonal jobs across the state.

The jobs include benefits, paid vacation and 401K plans.  To apply, click here or call 866-885-6277. 

Candidates for managerial positions can also apply online.