CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB) -- People in our communities are coming out from the tornadoes' rubble and piecing their lives back together, and in the process giving some local businesses an economic boost. The damage caused by the unforgiving storms is being assessed. And some people are finding it may be easier to buy new things, rather than try to repair the property they've lost.

Eyewitness news takes a close look at how a damaged car sale at one dealership... Is a win-win for consumers.

"It's just really overwhelming the volume of cars we're seeing. We're working 14-16 hour days," said Jim Reynolds, owner of Precision Auto Body.

They're working seven days a week. In fact Precision Auto Body is back logged until June, and that's just on estimates. Jim says he's never witnessed hail damage this severe.

Since the storms hit, he's fixed more than three dozen cars from Larry Hill Ford alone.

Larry Hill said, "probably 275, out of three hundred. 90 percent saw damage."

Larry's cars ranged from $200 to $800 worth of damage. Not wanting to wait and have them all fixed, he did what a lot of dealers are doing. Holding a hail damage sale, on top of the regular sale price. If the car saw $400 dollars of damage, he knocked $800 off.

"It's getting into our pocket a little bit, it's getting into the insurance pocket a little bit, but at the end of the day we'll get through it," said Hill.

Local consumers like Brian Silber didn't know about the special sale, but after seeing what minor damage there was, they said it's a win win-win.

Sibler said, "the hail damage is barley noticeable, so I get a good price on a new car."

On top of that, Larry Hill has been collecting food and clothing for storm victims. And $100 of ever hail damaged sale is going to the local Red Cross Chapter

Hill said, "It's a very close knit community, and this community has been very good to me and my business, so anytime we get a chance to help these folks out we sure do it"

Since the start of May Larry Hill has sold 75 damaged cars. That means they're donating $7,500.