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Bradley County Running Low On Donations

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BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -- Supplies for storm victims are low in Bradley County. EMA Resources Manager Jerry Johnson has one suspicion why.

"The problem is Tennessee has just been hammered with disasters," says Johnson.

The end result is empty warehouse bins for a growing need.

This distribution center in Bradley is still in its setup phase, but the small tables and vast empty spaces were not anticipated.

Johnson said the troubles in West Tennessee don't help the situation either.

"Now we have the floods in Memphis and the tornadoes and four declarations in Tennessee. The need for donations is tremendous," says Johnson.

Much of the Tennessee Valley is still recovering from the April 27th storms.

In Bradley County, 9 people died, more than 500 homes were destroyed.

The day-to-day items haven't been pouring in, but that's not the same story 15 minutes away in Apison.

"The generosity of the people around here has been overwhelming," says Pastor Bob Dasal of Apison Baptist Church.

Dasal said his cup "runneth over" at Apison Baptist.

The trailers in his parking lot are full of food and clothes, another is stocked with just water.

He says he can't give away enough items at this point.

So what happened to Bradley County?

The speculation is their distribution supplies are going to other storm ravaged areas, but there's no defined tracking system on donations.

Right now the distribution center can sustain itself for 3 weeks if no more donations come in.

Dasal says he's prepared to step in and give Bradley County a much needed boost.

"If they need help and we got it, we would willingly share it with them," says Dasal.

Bradley County is set to receive at least a truck load from Apison but that won't be enough.

Items can be donated at the drop off location located at 3700 Keith Street in Cleveland.

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