DAYTON, RHEA COUNTY (WRCB) - The opening line on Rhea County Executive George Thacker's website reads, "His story is one we all can be proud of."

His most recent chapter of being cited during a Knoxville prostitution sting, is one story Lyn Summers could forget about.

Summers said, "This is a very Christian community and I know that anything of that nature will not be looked upon well and will be frowned upon."

Knoxville Police said last Friday, on two separate occasions, the Rhea County Executive offered undercover female officers $50 in exchange for sexual favors.

Tuesday we went to his office.

Thacker was nowhere to be found and hadn't said a word to the public.

That statement didn't sit well with Summers as she cruised the storm-ravaged areas of the county.

She says of the many people struggling to rebuild their lives, this most recent news about Thacker is a black eye for the county.

Summers said, "People struggling before and to have everything taken away is unbelievable."

Monday, cleanup was underway for many areas of Rhea County.

Littered storm debris is a common sight as you make your way through Dayton Mountain.

We're told a day after the storm Thacker set up collection jars in several areas around the county to help victims.

By phone, county commissioner Ron Masterson said these good deeds may not be enough to save his career

"I'm saddened because of all the hard work he has put in," Masterson said. "I'm just afraid that people will remember this more than anything going."

Thacker was not available for comment, we are told he is out of town.

He has not been convicted of anything and is presumed innocent.

He is expected to return to a Knox County jail May 20th.

Commissioners will talk with the county attorney to find out what should happen next.