SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - It's been nine days since Gail Nowacki Palmgren went missing.

The Nowacki family has handed out more than 2,500 flyers in three days, hoping someone has seen her.

"I know she's going through a lot, she just missed Mother's Day," said Kevin Nowacki, Palmgren's older brother, "it hurts, I need her back."

Gail Palmgren, age 44, was last seen on nine days ago, driving her red four-door Jeep.

"If anyone has seen her," said Nowacki, "we just need some kind of clue."

Neighbors say Palmgren, and her two kids, returned from the family's lake house in Alabama. She dropped the kids off at home, and drove away.

"I saw her leaving around 12:15 that afternoon and I ran up the hill to say hi, because I knew she'd been upset for quite a while. Things have been going on at the house," said neighbor Susie Button. "She just drove away, she never even acknowledged me."

The day before Palmgren went missing, Signal Mountain officers responded to a disorder between Palmgren and her husband, Matthew Palmgren.

No charges were filed, but the report states Gail Palmgren was given phone numbers to a "safe place to stay".

Channel 3 attempted to reach Palmgren's husband, but our calls were not returned.

"She's a great mother," said Button, who has known the Palmgren family for a few years. "She would never leave her children and not be able to contact them."

Button says it's not uncommon for Palmgren to spend days away from home, but she has never left family or friends to wonder where she is.

"The more people you talk to, the more you learn, you get little pieces of the timeline and it gets more bizarre," said Button. "And you think what in the world, where could she be?"

Kevin Nowacki is asking the same question, and hoping his sister is alive and well.

"Come home, call us, we've missed you, we need you here," said Nowacki when asked what he'd say to his sister if he could talk to her.

Signal Mountain Police Chief Boyd Veal refused to comment on Palmgren's disappearance, calling it "an open investigation."

Police and family members are asking for help finding Gail Palmgren's vehicle. The four-door Jeep is maroon with a black soft top. The wheel cover on the back has the words "Life is Good" written on it. The trailer hitch has a picture of the Disney character, Goofy, on it. The Jeep has Alabama tags that read "EAZY ST". If you've seen a vehicle matching this description, or Palmgren, call police.