CHATTANOOGA (WRCB)—A Rossville, Georgia man, claiming to have been kidnapped, says he made it all up to avoid the wrath of his girlfriend.

Chattanooga Police say 33-year-old Anthony Paul Wrinn reported on Friday he had been robbed and held at gunpoint since April 30th.

Wrinn says a friend kidnapped him from an unknown location in Lupton City.

He was able to escape by hitting one suspect with a glass ash tray and wrestling a gun away from the other.

During the investigation, police found several loose ends in the story and Wrinn later admitted to making the whole thing up to keep his girlfriend from holding him responsible for her missing car.

He told police the time was spent drinking alcohol and smoking crack cocaine with the two "suspects".

Wrinn says he loaned one of the men his girlfriend's car, which was never returned and feared she would press charges.

He is charged with filing a false report.