DUNLAP, SEQUATCHIE COUNTY (WRCB) - The sounds of chainsaws have filled the air in Sequatchie County for a full week since tornadoes downed dozens of trees and caused structural damage to many homes last Wednesday.

Jennifer Greer was teaching at nearby Sequatchie County High School when classes were dismissed early that day. When she arrived home she cleaned up her cellar to clear space in case it would be needed as a storm shelter.

Two tornadoes came by without incident to her home. So when a third approached she wasn't initially frightened. Some of the others seeking refuge in her home, since they didn't have a cellar, weren't as calm.

"Actually, we were watching Channel 3 and we saw the rotation start and...we definitely needed to go down there," said Greer.

Greer's home on Cherry Street in Dunlap made it through the first two tornadoes, but the third one wouldn't be a charm.

"We'd been down in the cellar two times prior to this one that came through, and the last one was the one that got us," explained Greer.

Thankfully Greer and the other 11 people in her cellar, mostly tenants from her rental properties, weren't hurt.

Her house was damaged and about 15 trees were snapped and uprooted around her home and her rental properties.

Considering no one heard more than a "swoosh" as Greer described it when the tornado came through, she was surprised at the results.

"I was shocked to come up and see the damage because it was so quiet in the cellar," said Greer. "We were pretty far up underneath the house."

According to Greer, she's glad they all went to the cellar. If they had stayed in the living room during the third twister someone could have been seriously hurt.

Greer also says the clean-up is going well thanks to local tree cutters and community volunteers. Even some of the students at her school lent a hand that night to clear debris.

"The local youth here really touched my heart because they did a lot of clean up for me," said Greer as she held back tears.