APISON, HAMILTON COUNTY (WRCB) -- The Apison community united in a worship and prayer, Tuesday night.

"This is an old community, they work together, they live together, the farm together," says Sterling Jetton of Westview Baptist Church.  

A gathering of denominations while their Sunday services may vary, they unite as one.

"We've been coming here to eat. We don't have no kitchen, can't cook. We came just to thank a lot of people who helped us," says Tina Black.

Black says she was moved by what she heard; stories of survival, of sheer terror and a multitude of blessings.

Black and her son, Tristan, have their own story.

"The last thing that went through my mind was my son's not going to have a mom. This is it," says Black.

Black and her son were in her Apison driveway when the storm hit. They raced it to the house, watching debris and trees fly around them. They made it inside and a tree crashed through the kitchen, where black was standing.

"It felt like a new, 2nd chance. I'm glad to be here. no complaints," says Black.

Only praise from Black and everyone, who through the laughter and they tears say they're grateful and stand as one to support a community in pain.

Black and her family have been getting help from the community.

Anyone who needs a hot meal or supplies, the old Apison Elementary School is open 8am to 8 pm.