RINGGOLD, GA. (WRCB)  --  JoPearl Adams has lived in her Ringgold home for 47 years.  She rode out the storm safely inside a closet.  She was having a new home built next door with her own money, now it's all gone. 

"I was sick when I saw it," Adams says.  "I waited all this time to get a house.  This is what I get." 

You could call it JoPearl Adams life dream, it took 27 years of hard work at Shaw Industries to save $30,000.

"My life savings," she says.  "I was trying to keep from having a house payment."

"We kicked in some of our personal money," says Adams son, Danny Adams.  "We were planning to complete it.  If we had to get a loan it was only going to be a small one.  We were gonna take care of payments ourselves." 

JoPearl Adams worked her entire life.  She raised four boys as a single mom, that's why Danny Adams says building his mother her dream home was the least he could do.

"She's taken good care of us," the son says.  "She's worked hard all of her life." 

They only made one mistake, having never built a house before Danny Adams and his brothers waited to long into construction to purchase a 'builders risk' insurance policy.  Every agency they tried turned them down.

"Just because we had already started," he says.  "They just would not cover it." 

JoPearl Adams was just months away from moving into her new home, when an EF4 tornado touched down in Ringgold Wednesday.  The twister created a 13 mile long path of destruction and devastation throughout the city. 

"I have my sons," JoPearl says.  "I don't have a house of my own anymore."

Danny Adams and his brother Ray aren't giving up.  "We will find a way," he says.  "If we have to have a bake sale or whatever, we'll get it done." 

Jopearl Adams is staying with family for now.  The home she was living in is still standing, but is a total loss due to tree and roof damage.  The family has been in touch with FEMA and are keeping their fingers crossed that federal aid will be their saving grace.