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Apison Family Says Survival Was A Miracle

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Apison (WRCB) - In the mix of death and destruction, we're beginning to uncover the amazing stories of survival.   In Apison, there's a story some are calling nothing short of a miracle.

Bob Colby says, "We knew from Channel 3 and Paul Barys there's a storm heading toward Apison."

Colby and his family were hunkered down, bracing for the storm.  They went to a closet.

Colby says, "The four of us went in and minutes later our house, our two story house was gone but everyone's alive, that's the important part."

What's left of Colby's home, is just a mound of brick and mortar and memories.  But, from the remains rises a miracle according to Colby.

Colby says, "We survived by the grace of God and a 600 pounds gun safe that we put in when the house was built."

Now Colby, neighbors, and complete strangers are taking a break from picking up the pieces to offer prayer and give thanks.

Colby adds,  "It's been wonderful with all the supports it's been unbelievable with the people who've come to help total strangers, it's amazing."

And the same tornado that put the Colby's back at square one will be on their mind as they rebuild.

Colby adds, "We're gonna have a basement, I tell folks God downsized us."

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