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Church coordinating volunteers in Bradley

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CLEVELAND, BRADLEY COUNTY, TN. (WRCB)-- So many of you want to volunteer and you're providing a lifeline for those recovering after the storm. 

Candies Creek Baptist Church in Cleveland is coordinating more than 50 volunteers.  They're passing out bottled water, sandwiches and snacks.  They are also helping families clean up the mess the twister has left behind. 

Gary Womack says, "We heard the tree crash through like a loud thud."

Womack is a truck driver and spends most days on the road.  But he was home Wednesday when a tornado ripped through Bradley County and slammed a massive tree through his home. Within seconds windows shattered and Womack and his family dove for cover.   

" My daughter my wife and two grand kids were in the tub and I was standing in the bathroom with them and we just prayed for God's protection," says Womack. 

Protection and help came soon.  Amy Chapman from Candies Baptist Church has been going door to door along with volunteers offering help. 

"We know a lot of people are without power here so we are just offering food and if their refrigerators have been down or if they just need some clean water," says Chapman. 

She says a lot of folks are calling in wanting to help.

"I know the phone's been ringing all day long just people needing help and offering help as well cause we told them if anybody was willing to out and help they could call us," says Chapman.

Find out about ways you can get involved.

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